About the Chair

The Omer DeSerres Chair of Retailing is a leading institution in the retailing field in Canada. It has achieved this status largely thanks to the generosity and financing efforts of the Omer DeSerres Foundation whose name it bears, and of the government of Quebec, as well as to the energy and talent of the previous chairholders and the Chair’s many collaborators.

The mission of the Chair is to contribute to making the retail trade more effective and competitive through a variety of means, including education, professional seminars, academic research and continuous and intense cooperation with private companies.

The team at the Omer DeSerres Chair of Retailing is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and experience of eminent specialists in the field through the CPHEC and to assisting graduate students in the production of their theses on practical, pertinent and topical subjects related to retailing.


The mandate of the Omer DeSerres Chair of Retailing is to enhance the sector’s academic standing, to improve the quality of its research activities, and to draw the business community’s attention to:

*     Retailing and wholesaling
*     International commerce
*     Physical distribution and transportation
*     Distribution networks

The activities of the Omer DeSerres Chair of Retailing are focused in three key areas:

*     Research and dissemination of information on retailing and distribution
*     Contacts with the business communities concerned
*     Support for teaching and the development of programs in the fields of retailing and distribution

The Chair’s activities include:

*     Creating new courses in retailing and distribution
*     Arranging corporate internships
*     Developing educational material
*     Conducting research projects in the Chair’s areas of interest
*     Organizing symposiums and conferences
*     Publishing working papers and educational documents
*     Developing a network of contacts with the business milieu and other university chairs in retailing
*    Creating the Cercle Omer DeSerres, an association of business leaders (in collaboration with the MICT)